These were the concept mock-up designs that I came up with for 2XL STREET which was later renamed to 2XL RACING. When creating a UI for a mobile device it is sometimes hard to get the correct feeling of the view port scale. I would do these mock-ups and put them on a mobile phone to show to the game designer for feedback and changes. Once approved I would be able to break assets out into special UI sheets and implement them into the final functioning UI. I will have a seperate section showing the final UI screenshots of the game. Everything below was conceptulization.


• High Res model was converted from CAD and cleaned up in Maya 

• Low res modeled in Maya 2015 via Quadraw

• Supporting textures were baked in Knald

• Textured in Substance Painter 1 and Photoshop

• Rendered in Keyshot 5

  • MAYA
  • 3dsmax-20172
  • Photoshop
  • AfterEffects
  • VC_Element3D