This Video is a compilation of the videos created for the NYE spot on the Harmon Corner Screen in Las Vegas Nevada. Each city was presented on the screen at the time they were celebrating New Years.

The second video is live footage of the 30 second countdown and fireworks videos that were created for the NYE 2013 spot on the Harmon Corner Screen in Las Vegas Nevada. Over 300,00 People were gathered on the Las Vegas strip to celebrate the new year. Most were using this video to count down! Chris Dow, my Creative Director, was responsible for putting together this video.  At the time this was the largest digital screen in the world with a length of an entire football field.

I still look back at this production and remember how fun it was to make. BC flew me out to see my work live so I could stand in the large crowd and hear them count down  to my number animation.


• New Years and Happy New Year text effects were modeled, animated and rendered in Cinema 4D

• Composited in After Effects CS6

• World animation effect created with Element 3D

• Post Effects created using VC Optical Flares and Trapcode Suite

  • MXN-C4Dredesign-badge

•  Chris Dow - Creative Director

© 2020 by  Gregory A. McDonald