This is the rider model that I worked on for the UI and marketing renders. I initially modeled this character in Maya and then sculpted the wrinkles  in ZBrush 3.1. I then retopologized the sculpted model  in Maya using the Nex plugin with Quadraw and baked a normal map and displacement map. I then rigged the model for posing in Maya. I textured the generic jersey designs in Photoshop. We did not have any licensed company logos for our game. At the end of the game project we brought in Josh Lynch an intern that I was mentoring when he was a student at UAT. As his first task, he helped design the generic company logos that we put on the Jerseys to finalize the jersey sponsor look and feel.

2XL Supercross was the first Mobile game that I worked on when the Apple Appstore was only 6 months old and had so many game development opportunities. This game to this day is still the most purchased game I have ever had the privilege and pleasure of working on. It was also showcased in the final clip sequence of the Apple 2009 NFL season commercial. In the original production we had a team of 8 working on it and completed the game in 3 months. Eventually the game was updated with better graphics and geometry when handheld devices increased in performance speed. In 2010 the game also was released on the Android and PC Windows operating systems.


• Modeled in Maya 2009

• Low res modeled in Maya 2009 via Nex plugin utilizing Quadraw

• Rigged in Maya 2009

• Baked in Maya 2009 and textured in Photoshop CS4

• Rendered in Mental Ray

  • MAYA
  • zBrush
  • Photoshop

Josh Lynch - Generic  company logo designs