I had the privilege of working on the Male and Female Rider bodies for MX vs ATV All out. My main goal was to get a more natural relaxed cloth look. After looking at a lot of reference photos from real riders, the Motocross uniforms are very loose for easy mobility. Even in form-fitting gear like 7 Gear, the wrinkles are apparent everywhere. It is hard to believe it has been 2 1/2 years since I originally did this model. This was my first go at using Marvelous Design 5 at the time. They hadn't introduced the symmetry mode yet so every time I had to make a sew panel change I always had to duplicate and reproject. Marvelous gave me a good starting point but I eventually had to take the model to Zbrush to finish off the wrinkles and overall polish. I then retopoligized the model in Maya and baked in Masmoset Toolbag. Final texturing was done in Substance Painter.